General Assemblies

The General Assembly encompasses all 193 Members of the United Nations, posing this unique forum at the deliberative, policy making, and representative core of the UN. Established under the original 1945 Charter of the UN, the GA was conceived alongside the birth of the UN and captures the all-encompassing spirit of multilateral discussion that motivated the formation of its parent international organization.

JMMUN 2022 will consist of six committees from the General Assembly, each unique and divided based on the delegates level.

Background guides for each committee can be viewed on each committees’ website


World Health Organization
Directors: Miho, Aisha, Milan, Rina

       Beginner Ⅱ

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
Directors: Natsuki, Yuina, Anna

       Intermediate Ⅰ

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Directors: Yuumi, Yuki, Saki

       Intermediate Ⅱ

International Telecommunication Union
Directors: Imari, Yui, Lily


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Directors: Misato, Mei, Risako, Shiori

       Advanced Ⅱ

Disarmament and International Security
Directors: Marina, Saika, Aoi