Topic Summary: Reevaluating Energy Sources

Director’s Letter

Dear Delegates, Welcome to the United Nations Development Programme committee of JMMUN 2023! I can hardly wait for next March to come and meet all of you wonderful delegates.  I am currently a grade 10 student at Senzoku Gakuen High School. I used to live in Chicago and New York for a total of about 8 years, and came back when I was 13. Having spent an equal amount of time in both Japan and America, I have come to love each country in their own way. I spend my after-school hours in debate and MUN, but I also love playing tennis as well.  In this year’s topic, we will be discussing poverty alongside energy sources. Two topics that you may not see along with each other very often, choosing to discuss this topic wasn’t just off the top of my head. In an age where economic growth is often prioritized over environment and societal growth, me and my co chairs found it fitting to talk about this topic.  I am hoping to see a debate filled with many different directions of opinions and solutions, and I am sure that all of you are ready to have an eventful two days. I am excited for your active participation, and look forward to meeting you all. Let’s make this conference the best it can be! 

Aoi Nakata


United Nations Development Programme

Chairs’ Letter

Hi, my name is Yui Nishizawa. I am an 11th-grade student in Senzoku Gakuen High School and I am the chair for Intermediate 1 committee. I used to live in New York for about five years in elementary school. West Japan MUN (WJMUN) was my first experience doing MUN and this is my first time being a chair, so it is very exciting! I am looking very forward to meeting you all, let’s have an extremely fun two days of JMMUN!


Yui Nishizawa

Welcome to the 2023 Japan Metropolitan Model United Nations! I will be the chair for the Intermediate 2 committee !! I was born in Tokyo, and I lived in New Jersey for 4 years. I currently attend the Senzoku Gakuen Senior High School, and have been in the MUN club for 4 years. Regarding my MUN skills, I do not have abundant public speaking experience, but have been experiencing growth through every conference. Through this conference, I as well look forward to attaining growth with you!! I will do my best to support your active participation and look forward to seeing you all in March!


Aya Hashimoto

My name is Ayako Irita, and I am excited to be chairing for the Intermediate II committee! As a Grade 9 student in Senzoku Gakuen, I’ve been a part of MUN for three years, but I am involved in the debate club as well.

With the recent gas price hike due to the conflict in Ukraine, the problem of energy security has evolved into a full-blown international crisis, augmented by issues such as poverty and climate change. I’m looking forward to the impassioned debate throughout this conference!


Ayako Irita

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