Topic Summary: Combating Cyberattack

Marcel Thué established the International Telecommunication Union in 1865 with the goal of connecting the world in numerous ways. One of which is to facilitate easier communication and connection between people. There are 193 member states and over 900 companies, organizations, and academia involved in the ITU. More specifically, there are companies based on Telecoms, the internet, broadcast, satellite, software, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, utilities, automotive, and smart cities. ITU works closely with industries, public and private sectors, to “define the new technologies that will support tomorrow’s networks and services.”
In Intermediate 1, the regulation and protection against cyber attacks will be discussed. More specifically, how cyber warfare and cyber attack on private sectors can be prevented. 

Director’s Letter

Hello! I have lived only in Japan and learned my English in an international school. Attending in MUN activities always inspires me of all sorts of ideas the other delegates have. I am excited to hear many enthusiastic arguments in the conference!

International Telecommunication Union

Dear Delegates, Welcome to JMMUN International Telecommunication Union committee! My name is Lily and I am beyond thrilled to be serving as your director this year! I am a rising sophmore and currently live in the U.S. I was born in Japan and later moved to Hong Kong when I was six years old for four years. Living in Hong Kong exposed me to a more diverse community and I started to gain an interest towards current news.
It was only when I entered Senzoku Gakuen that I made my interest into a hobby. I have participated in several conferences including Harvard MUN and Global Classrooms International MUN. Along my MUN journey, I was able to encounter amazing people and open my eyes to the challenges society faces today. I hope that together with the two co-directors of this committee, we can bring you all a fun and memorable experience! With more than 4 billion people having access to the internet, cyberthreats have become a pressing issue for not only governments, but also to each and every individual. Moreoever, social media plays a role in allowing hackers to target and exploit the vulnerable.
Because it is an issue that pertains to all stakeholders, I highly encourage delegates to research this topic from all sorts of angles. I look forward to the heated discussions and negotiations that I am sure will occur in the conference!



International Telecommunication Union

Hi, my name is Yui Irie and I will be in charge of Intermediate II. As a rookie chair, I will do my best to organize a lively conference! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

International Telecommunication Union