Topic Summary: Protecting Female Refugees Against Sexual Violence

The ongoing expansion of the refugee population in the world has been a great concern to many countries. Even with the material and psychological barriers set against refugees by COVID-19, the United Nations is working to provide better support and more asylum to people who have been forced to flee their own countries.

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) is the Third Committee of the General Assembly, and discusses a range of social, humanitarian affairs, and human rights issues. The committee also treats topics such as the advancement of women, protection of children, treatment of refugees, and the promotion of fundamental freedoms.

The UN has defined the term “refugees,” and has outlined the rights of refugees to protect them in The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. Moreover, the UN advocated for non-refoulement, which states that a refugee should not be forced to return to their country where they face serious threats to their lives or freedom. The protocols and conventions presented by the UN have become the basis of the international custom of promoting the safety of refugees. As the need for global awareness and better protection of refugees increases, attention to the care of refugees is required.

Director’s Letter

Dear delegates, Thank you for applying for the 2021 Japan Metropolitan Model United Nations. I am Natsuki Tada, and I will be the director of the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. We already can’t wait to listen to all the original ideas and solutions you will bring to the conference!

Though born and raised in Japan for the most part of my life, I have lived in Michigan, United States for two years. I am currently a first-year at Senzoku Gakuen High School, and I encountered MUN at this school four years ago. Through MUN conferences and meetings, I have acquired a better understanding of the issues surrounding the world; every one of them is incredibly intimate to one another, and countries must come together to solve them. At first, standing in front of a huge crowd always made me anxious, but as I participated in more conferences, it got easier for me to deliver speeches and talk to other people. The fear of not knowing what to say on stage pulls many of us back from going up on stage, but I hope many of you will take the chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new in this conference.

The topic we will be discussing in this committee is “Protecting female refugees against sexual violence.” To give the vulnerable children and women who cannot speak up to protect themselves the safety and security, we must be considerate of the refugees and aim to provide them with the mental and physical care they lack. The chairs would be happy to see all of you being engaged to have innovative conversations in this conference!



Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

Hi I’m Yuina and I’m one of the chairs for the beginners committee!
I myself haven’t had much experience with MUN so I’m excited to take in ideas and learn from the delegates in the process.
I hope that we can all have a productive and fun time coming up with the best ideas!

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

Hi! I am Anna and I will be the chair of this committee.
MUN has helped me so much in improving my English skills. I was planning to go study abroad, but it got canceled due to the pandemic and I was looking for a place where I could put myself in an environment where everything is done in English, and that was MUN.
You are able to gain reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, and not to mention speaking skills. If you are looking for a place to improve your English or even just to have fun then, MUN is the best place!
I hope every one of you will enjoy this conference! I am looking forward to seeing you all and hope you can have a wonderful experience 🙂

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee