Topic Summary: Securing Access to Healthcare in Conflict Areas

Director’s Letter

Dear Delegates, Thank you for taking interest in JMMUN 2023! I am Aisha Kitazume, and I will be the director of this year’s World Health Organization committee. This is my fifth year being in the school’s MUN club, and my second year chairing for JMMUN. Although my MUN experience is limited, it has given me many opportunities to broaden my horizons and be more confident when giving speeches. I hope JMMUN 2023 does the same for all delegates! The topic of this year’s Beginner II committee is “Securing Access to Healthcare in Conflict Areas.” With armed conflicts on the rise, it’s important to make healthcare accessible to lessen the damage caused by these situations. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the chairs. We’re looking forward to your lively discussions in March!


Aisha Kitazume


World Health Organization

Chairs’ Letter

Dear Delegates, welcome to JMMUN 2023!  I am Rina Tamamitsu, and I will be the chair of the World Health Organization committee. I am excited to get together with a lot of new people at this conference and looking forward to your speeches. Good luck with your preparation and I am hoping to see you all in March!


Rina Tamamitsu

My name is Hideka Haga and I am a grade 10 student at Senzoku Gakuen High School. It is my first time chairing and second year in MUN. Outside of MUN, I am a member of the badminton club. I am very excited to meet delegates and I will do my best at chairing!


Hideka Haga

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