Topic Summary: Abolishing Modern Slavery

Director’s Letter

Hello fellow delegates! My name is Risako Tomita, and I am delighted to have you at our 2023 Japan Metropolitan Model United Nations conference! I will be the director for this year’s Intermediate 1 committee. I was born in Tokyo and lived in Washington D.C. for four years, and currently attend Senzoku Gakuen High School. I started Model United Nations in my first year of junior high school, which means I am in my fourth year as a delegate. Though the pandemic became an obstacle for MUN conferences I planned to attend, I am looking forward to future conferences. The topic for this year’s committee is modern slavery. Despite treaties and UN resolutions that combat this topic exists, it still remains a problem in both developed and developing countries. I hope delegates in this conference will brainstorm innovative solutions, while also socializing with others to gain new perspectives. I look forward to seeing you in March, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Risako Tomita


Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights

Chairs’ Letter

Hello, I am Saki Shigeno and I am very excited to have an opportunity to meet new people through JMMUN 2023! This is my first time chairing but I will do my best to be able to support you guys so if you need any help come and talk to me! My current hobby is singing in the shower in the morning on weekends!


Saki Shigeno

Dear Delegates, Hi my name is Hono Konishi and I will be chairing for the OHCHR committee in this year’s JMMUN. I have spent 5 years of my primary school years in London and I am currently a grade 10 student at Senzoku Gakuen High School. My MUN experiences are not prosperous but I have participated in previous JMMUN conferences and apart from MUN, I am also a member of the dance club and the debate club of this school. I am very excited to meet many of you all in March 2023!


Hono Konishi

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