Article from 2018 JMMUN

Here is a comment from a delegate in the Advanced Committee in JMMUN 2018

Having participated in numerous Model UN conferences, I am confident to say that the Japan Metropolitan Model United Nations Conference was one of the best in terms of its dynamism and innovativeness.  In previous JMMUN conferences, I was overwhelmed by eager delegates and through that experience, I was able to grow in many ways.  Through the two-day conference, you meet creative ideas to solve real global issues, and by encountering those ideas, you can improve various vital skills in life such as public speaking skills, logical thinking skills, and communication skills.  Moreover, this conference is one of the few conferences in Japan that is conducted completely in English, and therefore provides a great opportunity for those wishing to enhance their English skills.  Above all, the conference is an exceptional chance to meet many students of your age from all around the nation who are eager to make the world a more secure and prosperous place, so I strongly recommend you to join.