Q: What language will this MUN be conducted in?
: JMMUN will be using English for all procedures.

Q: Which committees will be online and which will be offline?
A: All committees will be held in person.

Q: Is it possible to have single delegations and double delegations?
A: Yes, you are able to choose either when registering your students in the mun manager website. (See full guide to registration here)

Q: How should the students decide on their preferred committee level?
: Please use this spectrum as an insight in decision.
Beginner: Students who have little MUN experience, those who are unsure of their English abilities
Intermediate: Students who have experience in MUN, and have an English speaking ability above daily conversation
Advanced: Students who have been in competitive MUN conferences, and are able to discuss in English in an academic level

Q: What if one delegate of the double delegation is unable to attend the conference?
: The single delegate is able to participate alone, or ask another student (who is not already participating) to be a double delegate.
*Cancelling fees will be billed from one month prior to the conference (JPN time, ¥500 per delegate)*

Q: Is there a place where delegates can purchase food?
A: Although there is a vending machine for food, we highly advise you to bring your own lunches.


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