JMMUN 2022の事務局をご紹介します。 今年のJMMUNが思い出深いものになるよう、尽力いたします。



It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the 7th annual Japan Metropolitan Model United Nations!

My name is Rinka M, and I am a high school student here at Senzoku Gakuen.
I will be serving as your Secretary General, and I am absolutely thrilled to present to you this year’s conference, which will be a hybrid of both online and offline debates!

This year’s theme is Innovation x Renovation. Which parts of the existing system need replacing, renewal, renovation? Which calls for entirely new approaches, creativity, innovation? Reviewing the footprints of the past and writing the history of tomorrow, we invite all delegates to be a part of this exciting journey.

While COVID continues to impact our daily lives, I believe that with the power of diplomacy and cooperation, we can move forward together toward a better future. We hope that JMMUN will be a fantastic opportunity for all of you to think of creative ideas to improve the current world, and also to rethink existing systems. 

As one of the biggest student-run all-English MUN conferences in Japan, JMMUN is honored to create a platform where delegates from not only Japan but also overseas can come together and share their diverse ideas. I would like to thank everyone for taking part in this amazing journey, and I wish you best of luck for the conference!  

In service and leadership,

Rinka M


Japan Metropolitan Model United Nations

Rinka M


Esteemed delegates of JMMUN 2022,
Hi! My name is Rinka, and I will be serving as your Secretary General for the two days. Firstly, thank you very much for being a part of JMMUN! It is an honor to welcome you to this year’s hybrid conference, and I hope this will be a memorable and valuable experience for all of you.

I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and I grew up in Singapore. Through my experience with intercultural exposure, I became increasingly interested in international affairs, world history, and urban studies. I also love to read, listen to music, and travel.

One piece of advice I would like to give to all of you is to remember to enjoy the conference! Make a lot of friends, socialize, and have fun! As much as MUN is an academic experience, it is a great opportunity for you to go out of your comfort zone and to get to know students from outside of your school.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for JMMUN 2022! I am looking forward to meeting you in person or on Zoom. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!



Hello everyone! Welcome to JMMUN 2022, and thank you for joining us. My name is Mai Mitsui, and it is an honor to be serving as deputy secretary general.   I am a student at Senzoku Gakuen high school and currently in my second year. I was born in Malaysia, spent my childhood in California and have lived in Japan ever since I was nine.  My experience with MUN started when I was in my first year of junior high school. At first, I was not able to understand the concept of MUN and struggled to figure out why the older students found interest in it. However, over the years I was able to join many wonderful conferences which now leads to me fully loving MUN.  I hope that our conference could be an  opportunity for everyone to enjoy the fun of MUN and a chance to experience new cultures and meeting people. Once again, I would like to thank everyone for joining us, especially with the COVID-19 going on, and hope you all stay healthy while preparing for the conference. JMMUN 2022 will also be the last conference for me before graduation, so I am really looking forward to working with you all and making memories throughout the conference.  Good luck everyone!





Grant Wales


I am honored to be a part of JMMUN 2022. I have been advising the MUN club at Senzoku Gakuen for 8 years and have been with JMMUN since its inception. It has been wonderful to see the conference grow year by year and to see the innovations and evolutions that take place with each iteration, just as it is wonderful to see MUN spreading more and more through Japan. I think this years theme is especially important. While it feels like there is no end to the global challenges facing us, and that many of the joys we have taken for granted have new costs and risks associated with them, it is absolutely imperative that we approach the future in the spirit of positivity and improvement. I believe this conference speaks to that, as it continues, despite adversity, to achieve new heights. We thank you for being a part of that. On a personal level, I love reading and writing literature, cooking, and cats – so if you see me at the conference, please share book recommendations, recipes, and cat memes.

Chad Fasca


今年の大会で、私は洗足のモデル国連プログラムの2回目の公式体験をしました。私は、JMMUN会議の計画と実施において、生徒たちが見せる勤勉さと洗練されたレベルに感銘を受けています。生徒たちは毎年、何百万人もの人々の生活と未来に大きな影響を与える複雑な問題に取り組み、その過程で豊富な証拠と理解を蓄積しています。中学・高校の生徒たちがこのようなレベルの議論に参加し、世界に永続的な変化をもたらすために仲間を動員している姿を見て、私は感動を覚えます。 模擬国連プログラムは、若者が地球市民としての人生を形成する上で重要な役割を果たしており、国境や文化の壁を越えて活動するきっかけを与えてくれます。教室にいる生徒たちは、世界中のコミュニティの気候、習慣、難問について簡単に研究することができますが、MUNに参加することで、生徒たちはこの知的努力をさらに一歩進めて、他の土地のデータの中に身を置き、新しい目で世界を見ることができるようになります。この行為の価値は、2つのレベルで大きい。まず第一に、学生は異文化に対する自分の先入観と向き合い、おそらくそれを克服しなければなりません。より親密になると、学生は自分の視点の限界と他の地域で直面している課題を認識することで、共感能力を高めることができます。 MUNが象徴するように、私は今年の大会とJMMUNプレスチームの一員になれることに興奮しています。 2022年には、魅力的で示唆に富んだ大会になることを期待しています。