Topic: Reinventing International Drug Policies

Ayako Irita (Director)

Ayako (she/her) is a Sophomore/Year 10, and has lived in the US for three years throughout the two nine to five.
After being involved with MUN as a delegate for four years, she chaired in the UNDP committee at JMMUN 2023, and is currently our director for UNODC together with Karin.

A message from Ayako :

Hello! My name is Ayako Irita and I’m honored to be co-director for Intermediate 1. The science and history of narcotics have always been an interest of mine (sounds weird and a bit illegal, but true). See you in March!

Karin Kanazawa (Director)

Karin (she/her) is a Sophomore/Year 10 at Senzoku Gakuen.
She lived in the UK for three years and in Panama for five years.
Karin has been involved with MUN for four years as a delegate, then as a chair in the WHO committee at JMMUN 2023, and currently as our UNODC director along with Ayako.

A message from Karin :

Hi! My name is Karin Kanazawa and I am excited the chair for JMMUN 2024. As a chair for UNODC this year, I find topics related to health problems as a field of interest.