Topic: Integrating Redistribution in a Globalized Economy

Aoi Nakata (Director)

Aoi (she/her) is a Junior/Year 11 at Senzoku Gakuen.
She lived in the US for eight years throughout the five six to thirteen.
Aoi has been involved with JMMUN as a DISEC chair at JMMUN 2022, UNDP director at JMMUN 2023, and ECOSOC director at JMMUN 2024.

A message from Aoi :

My name is Aoi Nakata, and I will be your Advanced director for JMMUN 2024. My passion for economics has only recently emerged, after Japan experienced the severe plunge in the value of Yen. Though a complicated topic and probably unfamiliar topic, I hope everyone will use this chance to think about how the world is connected economically and is affiliated with almost anything we do each and every day.