Topic: Addressing Freedom of Speech on the Internet

Aya Hashimoto (Director)

Aya (she/her) is a Junior/Year 11 at Senzoku Gakuen.
She lived in the US for four years throughout the ages six to eleven.
Aya has been involved with MUN as a delegate at JMMUN 2021 and 2022, a UNDP chair at JMMUN 2024, and currently our HRC Director.

A message from Aya :

My name is Aya Hashimoto and I will serve as the director for the intermediate 2 committee in JMMUN 2024. The committee’s topic is “Addressing Freedom of Speech on the Internet,” and the committee is the Human Rights Council. In this society where digital interactions are becoming more and more active every second, it is crucial as a member of society to reexamine what needs to be protected or promoted. I am looking forward to hearing your insightful discussions in JMMUN 2024!