Committees out now!

The committees of JMMUN 2024 have been announced!

FAO (Beginner 1)

Topic: Combating the Food Crisis

Food crisis is a social problem that directly affects our lives and has relations with many other problems we are facing, such as the destruction of the environment or social inequality. However, it is not something that is frequently discussed, and we hope that delegates will be able to engage in discussion and develop their understanding of this topic!

UNEP (Beginner 2)

Topic: Tackling the Loss of Biodiversity

The loss of biodiversity, driven primarily by human activities, has reached unprecedented levels, threatening the delicate balance of ecosystems and endangering countless plant and animal species. However, it is mentioned less than other environmental issues such as global warming, deforestation, or pollution, and therefore we hope this conference will bring focus to the loss of biodiversity!

UNODC (Intermediate 1)

Topic: Reinventing International Drug Policies

The opioid crisis is considered less significant compared to other crises such as the public health crisis that COVID-19 has created. However, drug trafficking and substance abuse are a growing concern. We hope that this conference would be a great chance for delegates to rethink drug policies and come up with creative resolutions!

HRC (Intermediate 2)

Topic: Addressing Freedom of Speech on the Internet

As the internet becomes more and more widespread freedom of speech is a topic that must be addressed globally and requires international cooperation in order to maintain a balance between humans’ various rights on a global platform. We hope our conference will provide delegates the opportunity to consider the multifaceted issues surrounding this topic!

ECOSOC (Advanced)

Topic: Integrating Redistribution in a Globalized Economy

Though topics like poverty and social disparity are frequently discussed, redistribution is a topic that not many people likely have sufficient knowledge on. We hope delegates are able to gain a deeper understanding of this topic and related global issues through this conference!

JMMUN TIMES 2023 is now published!

Thank you to all of you who joined us for JMMUN 2023, and thank you for answering our survey and interviews!
We had not been able to publish the digital version of JMMUN Times which we handed out to in-person participants after the closing ceremony, but it is now published! So sorry for the delay!

I’m sure it will be interesting to read about your own committee as well as other committees, so please have a look at them!

JMMUN Times 2023 (March 25, 26)