JMMUN 2021 Delegate application is now out!
Please complete this form to apply for JMMUN 2021.
The deadline for the delegate application form is Janurary 13. The form must be completed by 9pm Japan Standard Time (21:00) on that day. 

  1. The conference and the orientation will be held on Zoom
  2. Date: March 27, 28
  3. There are 6 committees in total; 2 committees each for 3 levels (Specifics are explained below.)
  4. The participation fee is ¥250 per person. (Students who are willing to donate to Save the Children should send ¥500.)
  5. This form must be filled in by an adult adviser older than 20.

Please visit our “Documents” page for more information including rules, background guides, and payment methods.